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Meta Real Estate Partners

The Power of Vision.

Headquartered in Atlanta, META Real Estate Partners is the evolution of a longstanding collaboration between real estate investor and developer, Worthington Hyde Partners, and its joint venture apartment development entity, SWH Partners, under a combined, unified strategy. These partners have been investing together since 1991 in excess of $2 billion across development, acquisition, and structured finance debt positions.

Meta Real Estate Partners
Meta Real Estate Partners

As a closely held, and hands-on, entrepreneurial investor that invests on its own account, META enjoys access to capital, a streamlined decision process, and creative deal structuring unique to each situation. META has invested and developed across the industry including multifamily, hospitality, retail, office, and land with multifamily being the largest segment of its portfolio and the core development strategy. The team currently operates in 12 markets with a concentration in the Southeast.

Meta Real Estate Partners

META’s goals are to always prioritize the performance of its investor’s capital, navigate markets which must be understood, anticipated, and respected, and adjust course when necessary for optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Why Meta?


US | adjective : meta

1. (of a creative work) referring to itself or to the conventions of its genre; self-referential.

META, an acronym for Maximizing Efficiency thru Tactical Approach, well reflects our continuous purpose, to adapt ourselves to the varied market realities we have confronted over time and to do so with depth, dimension and transformation.

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The Power of Experience


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5607 Glenridge Dr Suite 430
Atlanta, GA | 30342
5607 Glenridge Dr Suite 430 | Atlanta, GA | 30342

Phone: 770.448.8998

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Meta Real Estate Partners
Meta Real Estate Partners